miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Tripnosis Revisited [2012]

Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Sexy Girls
Vampire's Sound Incorporation - The Lions & the Cucumber
Keith Mansfield - Close Shave
Alan Hawkshaw - Beat Me Till I'm Blue
The Vice Barons - The Cape
Count V - Double-Decker Bus
!3th Floor Elevators - Roller Coaster
We The People - When I Arrive
The Haunted - 1-2-5 (Lp Version)
Question Mark & The Mysterians - 96 Tears
The Sick Rose - Something Better change
The Music Machine - People In Me
The Electric Prunes - Bullet Thru The Backseat
Shag - Stop & Listen
The Chocolate Watchband - Sweet Young Thing
The Spades - You're Gonna Miss Me
Los Yakis - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Los Mockers - It Was Me
The Seeds - You Took Me By Surprise
Bob Morrison - Hey Puppet Man
Nicotine Spiral Surfers - Lucifer Sam
Teddy & Patches - Suzzy Creamcheese
The Windowpaynes - Banzai Pipedream
The Sonics - Strychnine
Godfrey - Let's Take A Trip
Fe Fi Four Plus 2 - I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD)
Crimen Imperfecto